Europasaurus - Urzeitinseln voller Leben

Europasaurus - Life on Jurassic Islands

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Are you ready for an exciting time travel 154 million years back into the past?
In the Late Jurassic, when Central Europe was a subtropical archipelago, voracious predatory dinosaurs, small, nimble mammals, and the dwarfed giant dinosaur Europasaurus roamed the landscape in what is now Northern Germany. After years of research on well-preserved fossil finds, this long-forgotten kingdom of animals and plants is being revived as part of a story of a young dinosaur. The series of scientifically correct, large-format images is complemented by easily accessible background information at the end of the graphic novel. 2020, 184 pages, Four-color throughout, 70 double-sided habitat representations with numerous detailed pictures, 18 richly illustrated double pages with understandable explanations of the scientific background; front and back cover paper with drawings of the treated animals for size comparison.

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