Universal Geologenkompass GEBRU


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A robust geological compass that combines two methods of measurement in one instrument: the measuring method for planes and linears according to Prof. Dr. Clar as well as the measurement method according to Brunton. In a measuring process, the structural data of planes or linears are determined by a single application. The engraved vertical circle (270 ° in 2 ° increments) can be read directly from above. The built-in inclinometer with dragonfly allows also the method dip and strike and topographical recordings. The waterproof housing is made of magnet-free, durable, full light metal with blue anodized surface protection, compass needle: automatically locked when not in use, north end red, south end black, internationally applicable, because declination and inclination adjustable, length 47 mm, horizontal circle diameter 60 mm (inside diameter 48 mm ), Division interval 1 °, figuring every 10 °, cardinal directions international (east and west interchanged), declination adjustment ± 60 °, dip angle circle diameter 27 mm, measuring range 270 °, division interval 2 °, reading by estimate 1 °, reading of the inclination angle 1 ° direct, movement of the measuring plate adjustable, dimensions with closed lid 72 x 93 x 27.5 mm, weight 330 g. Delivery complete with carrying cord in carrying bag with belt loop.


Weight: 330 g

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