Headband magnifier (magnification up to 4.8x)

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Product information "Headband magnifier (magnification up to 4.8x)"

This headband magnifier - made of durable synthetic material - permits you an easy handling. It comprises two rectangular, turnable double lenses and one additional turntable magnifier. Therefore it is possible to have the following enlargements:
1,8-fold / 2,3-fold / 3,7-fold / 4,8-fold

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Headband magnifier with LED lighting
A total of 2 lenses can be attached to the headband magnifier, which means that many different magnifications are possible. With a pair of lenses, the weight is approx. 150 g. The attached lighting with 2 LEDs is movable, can be switched on and off and is operated by 2 micro AAA batteries (included). Thanks to the energy-saving LED, the batteries have a lifespan that is 10 times longer than that of normal incandescent lamps.Magnifications: 1,2-fold / 1,8-fold / 2,5-fold / 3,5-fold Lens equipment: 1.2x: distance to the object 520 - 620 mm 1.8x: Distance to the object 230 - 320 mm 2.5x: distance to the object 150 - 250 mm 3.5x: distance to the object   80 - 120 mm


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LED Headband Magnifier, Basic Set
Combination of Tech-Line LED headband magnifier carrier with interchangeable lens carriers of the most common magnifications 2.00x, 2.50x, 3.00x. Prismatic, metal-framed silicate glass lenses are incorporated into the lightweight but sturdy metal construction with folding function. The optics used here feature scratch resistance, resistance to most chemicals and solvents, and high depth of field. Like the optics, the body is resistant to most chemicals and solvents as well. The magnifier is completed with a very long-lasting high-power LED in light color 6000K. Wearing the headband magnifier over glasses is no problem.Battery operation with 3x 1.V AAA (included).


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Magnifying glasses with lighting
Spectacle lens with 5 different lenses and 2 LEDs - switchable LED light and pivotally - interchangeable lens holder pivotally - brackets are interchangeable headband against - magnification change glasses: 1.0-fold/ 1.5-fold / 2.0-fold / 2.5-fold / 3.5-fold - 3 AAA batteries (not included) Scope of delivery: Loupe, 5 interchangeable lenses, adjustable headband


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Workplace Illuminater with 56 SMD LEDs (5 Diopter)
Workplace lamp. Professional workshop lamp with valuable equipment. Equipped with 56 super bright SMD LEDs, clamp mounting. Lamp frame can be rotated and swiveled in any direction for optimal positioning (working radius 1100 mm). • 125 mm Ø real glass magnifier with 5 dioptric magnification • No heat generation! • Start button • Table clamp attachment • Connection: 230 V • Color white SMD LEDs are light-emitting diodes of the surface-mounted device (SMD) type. They are soldered directly to circuit boards and are therefore flatter and smaller in design than conventional LED light sources.


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Desk Workplace Illuminator
Cold light magnifier lamp with stand, positioning of the 2 joints by fixing screw. 3 dioptres view magnification (Ø 85 mm), integrated 12 dioptres view magnification (Ø 25 mm)• length of the lamp: 650 mm• foot: 165 mm in diameter• cold-light-neon energy saving ring-lamp: 12 W• supply: 230 V• incl. of neon ring (replacement: O 14)


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